Java/PHP/GitLab Fan, Passionate Developer and Loves Teaching



About Rohan Sakhale

“Given the right set of raw materials, it can be developed into a finished saleable product.”

Known for being Software Mentor by passion and Engineer by expertise with over 10+years in Web Development as Freelancer & 7+ years of Industrial Development experience. Thanks for several dimension from Prof. Rajesh Patkar (my Guru) his perception has always help me perceive from idea to product in effective, efficient & cost saving manner.
If not coding on any project, occasionally you will find me spending time with students spreading practical knowledge on latest technology trends or code practices.

I worked with two Top 500 fortune companies Saba Software & Diebold Nixdorf, wherein was awarded several times for contributions. Presently I contribute to a very Dynamic startup Indigital Technologies LLP developing innovative patent-pending products that has the capability of disrupting the global market with Technology. Parallely, you will find me contributing to my own startup “Sai Ashirwad Informatia“ delivering client services, infrastructure support & training.

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